CWA Activism: Proposition 65


CWA Activism: Proposition 65


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No On Proposition 65 Demonstration
CWA rally against Proposition 65

Bradley Links With Prop 65
"Farmers and their families demonstrate against Proposition 65 at Los Angeles City Hall yesterday."

"Farmer's Protest Prop 65 in LA"
"Protest Chant--Ruth McKenry of Kingsburg chants: 'No, no 65: keep ag alive.' during a rally against Proposition 65 in Los Angeles Wednesday. A busload of 200 farmers attended."

"Farmers Demonstrate Against Prop 65"
"Bill and Carol Chandler and Donald Aluisi carry signs."

"Growers Rally to Change I Don't Know to No"
"California Women for Agriculture lent their voices to the anti-65 rally in Los Angeles"

No on 65 This is Why
A series of questions and answers about the proposition.

Prop 65 Article
"Tension--Deputy L.A. Mayor Tom Houston points a finger during an argument with Assemblyman Steve Peace outside City Hall Wednesday. The two were brought together by a demonstration against Prop. 65, the anti-toxics initiative that farmers fear will…

Prop 65 Articles
"We have one of the most onerous initiatives, which qualified for the November ballot, that has come down the road for a long time..."

"Demonstrators bused in from California's farming regions marched on City Hall in protest of Proposition 65 and…

CWA Says Vote No on 65
"The Palo Verde Valley Chapter of California Women for Agriculture has joined state-level C.W.A. in taking a firm stand against Proposition 65..."
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