CWA Activism


CWA Activism


One of the main goals of the CWA was to ensure that the interests of farmers were recognized. Therefore, CWA members attempted to represent the interests of agribusiness in the media, to legislators, and to consumers.

To learn more about CWA Activism, visit the third exhibit, "If You Eat, You're Involved in Agriculture": CWA Activism and Organizing Efforts.

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Collection Items

Egg Protest
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

Egg Protest 2
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

"Chappie Leads Efforts to Void Minimum Wage Boost"
"Members of the California Women for Agriculture picketed the Industrial Welfare Commission meeting."

"Fill the Dam" Flyer
"Join in the Fill Dam Bucket Brigade"

"Save Our Farmers" Logo
"America's Strength Comes From Your Helping Hands"
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