The items in this collection document CWA's efforts to engage with teachers and youth to encourage youth to pursue careers in agricultural-realted fields.

To learn more about CWA's work with youth and educators, visit the fourth exhibit, "Pointing the Way to the Survival of Agriculture": Community Involvement.

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Collection Items

Student Poster Contest Winners
Students from Sacred Heart School win a CWA poster contest.

Student Presentation
Lakewood school student presentation

"All About Rainfall"
Rainfall erosion simulator

California Students for Agriculture
CWA sponsored and partnered with universities and colleges to nurture campus chapters for California Students for Agriculture.

"CWA in the Classroom"
CWA teaches Stanlslaus County third grade teachers agriculture education.

Education Program
Proposal to California public schools to integrate agriculture education into the curriculum.

Educational Seminar 1978
CWA's Central Valley Chapter's Educational Seminar program.

"Teachers Put Agriculture Back in School"
Teachers participate in an "Ag in the Classroom" seminar.

"Teachers Turn to CWA for Agriculture Resources"
Third grade teachers use the "My Farm Book" curriculum in the classroom.

"These Teachers Know Importance of Farming"
Newspaper article about local teacher's incorporating agriculture education into school curriculum.
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