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Reagan Will Benefit FarmingPS.jpg
California Representative Grant discusses how newly elected President Ronald Reagan will benefit California agriculture.

George DeuPS.jpg
CWA President Lynn Skinner gives Governor George Deukmejian a ribbon.

George Deu and CWA MembersPS.jpg
Governor George Deukmejian poses with CWA founders after delivering a speech for the organization.

Lynn Skinner with Sec of Ag PS.jpg
State CWA President Lynn Skinner, Rober Howie, Ag. Commissioner of Riverside County and Shirley Butvidas, Coachella Valley CWA.

Cherry I and George DeuPS.jpg
Cherry Ishimatsu and Governor George Deukmejia pose in a photograph after the Governor gave a speech at a CWA event.

Trading Shoes-Exchanging ViewsPS.jpg
The CWA's Legislation Committee organized the “Trading Shoes/Exchanging Views” event part of the Ag Day Breakfast program. Participants agreed to share time with a Farm Bureau Family, and in turn, invite their exchange partner to spend a day in their…

Legislator Lacks Pull With Cow He's MilkingPS.jpg
"Senator Ruben Ayala stood by the cow that helped him defeat Assemblyman Norman Waters in a milking contest."

Adopt a Legislator Program PS.jpg
Proposal for California legislators to participate in the CWA's Adopt A Legislator program.
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