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Farm Labor Issue is Given Resounding Defeat at PollsPS.jpg
"Controversial Proposition 14 was defeated by a resounding margin of 4,733,577 opposed to 2,880,215 in favor."

Farmer's Daughters.jpg
"Casey Hausman, left, Lauri Russell, and Debbie Hannon show support for farmers in rally against Proposition 14 held at Devonshire Dawns in San Fernando Valley"

Farmer's Protest Prop 65 in LAPS.jpg
"Protest Chant--Ruth McKenry of Kingsburg chants: 'No, no 65: keep ag alive.' during a rally against Proposition 65 in Los Angeles Wednesday. A busload of 200 farmers attended."

Farmers Demonstrate Against Prop 65PS.jpg
"Bill and Carol Chandler and Donald Aluisi carry signs."

Fighting Big Green Prop 128.JPG
"Pat Hopper, marketing director of the California Artichoke & Vegetable Growers Corp., Castroville, hands out artichokes to Los Angeles area residents during a produce giveaway Oct. 6 Sponsored by California Women for Agriculture and in truckload of…

Fill the Dam FlyerPS.jpg
"Join in the Fill Dam Bucket Brigade"

Five Reasons Why Prop 14 Should be DefeatedPS.jpg
CWA highlights sections of the labor initiative and provide reasons for disagreement with the proposition.

Food Fiber Farmer Friend Logo StickerPS.jpg
"Food and Fiber Farmer Friend" banner created by the CWA.
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