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Grower Becomes Ag CommunicatorPS.jpg
Story about Mitzi Ayala.

Grower Rally to Change Don't Know to No on 65PS.jpg
"California Women for Agriculture lent their voices to the anti-65 rally in Los Angeles"

How American Agriculture Helps Our Economy Brochure Front Side.jpg
This CWA produced brochure explains to consumers the role of agriculture in the economy.

Is Your Food SafePS.jpg
"'Is Your Food Safe' will be the topic of this year's Agriculture Community Issues Symposium which will be held November 12th at the Hacienda Inn in Fresno."

Broccoli PS.jpg
Santa Moncia Chapter members share broccoli recipes encourage consumers to eat broccoli for health reasons as part of Cancer Awareness Month.

Legislator Lacks Pull With Cow He's MilkingPS.jpg
"Senator Ruben Ayala stood by the cow that helped him defeat Assemblyman Norman Waters in a milking contest."

Local Farmers Rally for Prop 135PS.jpg
"Colusa County Farm Bureau members Kathy Wells (left), Marion Mathis (center) and Carole Hamilton prepare signs urging 'yes' on Proposition 135, which will be on the Nov. 6 ballot. The members say that Prop 135 is the reasonable, scientific approach…

Locals get grip on National Ag Week.jpg
Cow milking contest during National Ag Week.
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