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CA State Fair CertificatePS.jpg
Certificate of participation awarded to the CWA.

American Agri-Women.JPG
The CWA is a member of the American Agri-Women organization, "a national coalition of farm and ranch women's organizations and individuals."

Carolyn Leavens PS.jpg
Story about Carolyn Leavens, CWA President.

Willie & Cesar's 10 Most WantedPS.jpg
A plea from Assemblyman Robert W. Naylor to CWA President Lynn Skinner to fininacially support his campaign against Speaker Willie Brown on the basis of common interest in agriculture and opposition to Cesar Chavez.


Prop 65 ArticlesPS.jpg
"We have one of the most onerous initiatives, which qualified for the November ballot, that has come down the road for a long time..."

"Demonstrators bused in from California's farming regions marched on City Hall in protest of Proposition 65 and…

Ag Day Poster Faces.jpg
Ag Day poster
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