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Ag Booster BBQ.jpg
Ag Day photographs

Ag CA Gold Fair .jpg
Photograph from the California Gold Fair.

Broccoli Bash.jpg
Santa Moncia Chapter members share broccoli recipes encourage consumers to eat broccoli for health reasons as part of Cancer Awareness Month.

Compass Farmer's Fair 2.jpg
The front cover of Compass Newsletter featuring the first Farmer's Fair.

Release About UFW Violence.JPG
Release About UFW violence and damage of farmer's property.

CWA Officers.jpg
CWA officers in November 1975 (left to right): Bobbie Allison, Beverly Sfingi, and Patricia “Corky” Larson; on newspaper (yellowed)

Egg Protest 2.jpg
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

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Egg Protest 3.jpg
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

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Farmer's Daughters.jpg
"Casey Hausman, left, Lauri Russell, and Debbie Hannon show support for farmers in rally against Proposition 14 held at Devonshire Dawns in San Fernando Valley"

Grocery Saturday.jpg
Supermarket Saturday focused on consumer education, face-to-face interaction with consumers to share information about agriculture and the important role that farmers play in their everyday life.
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