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Ag Day Photo 2PS.jpg
Ag Day cow milking contest

Ag Day Proclamaton PhotoPS.jpg
"City of Indio Mayor Roger Harlow signed a proclamation designating last Monday, March 21 as Ag Day, in recognition of the nationwide observance..."

National Ag Day BannerPS.jpg
National Agriculture Day banner

Ag ExhibitionPS.jpg
Ag day flyer

Ag Day 1981.jpg
Ag day information card

Ag Day Cow Milking Contest.jpg
CWA officers participate in the Ag Day cow milking contest.

PTDC0Ag After 82PS.jpg
A letter providing information about Ag Day logistics.

Laurena Johnson Message Ag DayPS.jpg
Laurena Johnson's thank you message to CWA members after Ag Day event.

National Ag Day Joint ResolutionPS.jpg
US congressional joint resolution proclaiming March 19, 1981 as National Agriculture Day.
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