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Agriculture The Art or Science of Cultivating April 20, 1977PS.jpg
An article encouraging participation in the Stanislaus and Westside Chapters of the CWA in the aftermath of Proposition 14.

Annual Meeting 1977 Front and BackPS.jpg
Annual Meeting in Monterey, California

CWA 2nd Annual Convention and Edu Fair Jan 22 to 25 1978PS.jpg
Second annual convention and education fair

Third Annual Convention Program CoverPS.jpg
Third Annual Convention program

CWA Exec Addresses Farm Bureau 2PS.jpg
Story about Cherry Ishimatsu, CWA President

CWA Membership Report 1989PS.jpg
CWA membership report from 1989 to 1990.

1983 CWA State OfficersPS.jpg
1983 CWA State Officers, names and photographs

Carolyn Leavens PS.jpg
Story about Carolyn Leavens, CWA President.

CWA Historian Betty WynnePS.jpg
CWA Historian, Betty Wynne working on the State scrapbook.
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