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American Agri-Women.JPG
The CWA is a member of the American Agri-Women organization, "a national coalition of farm and ranch women's organizations and individuals."

Coachella Strike 1970s.jpg
Picketer with a "Viva la Huelga!" sign during the Coachella Strike.

No On Prop 14 with Pres Reagan.jpg
Bumper sticker to support opposition to Proposition 14 and a photograph of CWA president, Cherry Ishimatsu, California legislators, and Governor Ronald Reagan. Governor Reagan is holding the "No on 14" bumper sticker.

Founding Members of CWA.JPG
Founders of CWA (left to right): Beverly Sfingi, Jeri Taylor, Cherry Ishimatsu, and Corky Larson; January 1976; black and white photo

CWA 2nd Annual Convention and Edu Fair Jan 22 to 25 1978PS.jpg
Second annual convention and education fair

Map & List of CWA Chapters1PS.jpg
This application for membership brochure displays the districts and chapters of the CWA when the organization began. The scrapbooks include the names of districts and chapters as they evolved over time.
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