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Farm Labor Issue is Given Resounding Defeat at PollsPS.jpg
"Controversial Proposition 14 was defeated by a resounding margin of 4,733,577 opposed to 2,880,215 in favor."

Argument Against Proposition 14PS.jpg
The CWA provides reasons for voters to oppose Proposition 14.

Plan Initiative Fight 1976PS.jpg
"Harry Kubo, Fresno area farmer and chairman of an ad hoc committee of California agricultural groups, goes over plans for fighting farm labor initiative sponsored by Cesar Chaves and United Farm Workers of America, with members of California Women…

Me Thinks Gov Brown StinksPS.jpg
"Three hundred men, women, and children of all ages representing the Farm Bureau, California Women for Agriculture and other farm-related organizations were in Sacramento last Thursday to petition Governor Brown 'to stop lying to the people of…

Richard Chavez, Larson, Coachella Strike 1970s.jpg
"Richard Chavez smiles and points to the union label on a crate of grapes after the contract signing with Larson." Bob Fitch Photo Archive © Stanford University Libraries. NOTE:…

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Gov Jerry Brown.jpg
"California Governor Jerry Brown speaks to the press."

Safeway Pickets 1973.jpg
"Filipino United Farm Workers Union (UFW) supporters picket outside of a California Safeway store."

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Coachella Strike 1970s.jpg
Picketer with a "Viva la Huelga!" sign during the Coachella Strike.
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