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Take the Cesar Out of SaladPS.jpg
Reasons to vote against Proposition 14

What's Wrong With the Farm Labor InitiativePS.jpg
An explanation of the CWA's position on Proposition 14.

Sister Bertels Interview Part 1PS.jpg
"From a former supporter of the United Farm Workers (UFW) comes this first-hand report of conditions in the West's grape and lettuce fields--a fight that could spread to wherever farmers hire help."

Why The Strike Cesar? PosterPS.jpg
"Cesar, it's obvious that this time you've gone too far"

Willie & Cesar's 10 Most WantedPS.jpg
A plea from Assemblyman Robert W. Naylor to CWA President Lynn Skinner to fininacially support his campaign against Speaker Willie Brown on the basis of common interest in agriculture and opposition to Cesar Chavez.


Workers Say ALRB Cost Them JobsPS.jpg
"We strongly urge your support for AB8, AB111, and SB1, which will bring about a meaningful system of fair collective bargaining in agriculture..."

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Coachella Strike 1970s.jpg
Picketer with a "Viva la Huelga!" sign during the Coachella Strike.

Egg Protest 2.jpg
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

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Egg Protest 3.jpg
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

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