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Release About UFW Violence.JPG
Release About UFW violence and damage of farmer's property.

Egg Protest 2.jpg
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

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Egg Protest 3.jpg
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

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Farmer's Daughters.jpg
"Casey Hausman, left, Lauri Russell, and Debbie Hannon show support for farmers in rally against Proposition 14 held at Devonshire Dawns in San Fernando Valley"

No On Prop 14 with Pres Reagan.jpg
Bumper sticker to support opposition to Proposition 14 and a photograph of CWA president, Cherry Ishimatsu, California legislators, and Governor Ronald Reagan. Governor Reagan is holding the "No on 14" bumper sticker.

Coachella Strike 1970s.jpg
Picketer with a "Viva la Huelga!" sign during the Coachella Strike.

Safeway Pickets 1973.jpg
"Filipino United Farm Workers Union (UFW) supporters picket outside of a California Safeway store."

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Gov Jerry Brown.jpg
"California Governor Jerry Brown speaks to the press."
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