CWA The Organization


CWA The Organization


The items in this collection documents the conferences, receptions, and meetings to further develop the CWA as an organization.

To learn more about the CWA as an organization, visit the fourth exhibit, Organizational Development and Structure

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Collection Items

Annual Meeting 1977
Annual Meeting in Monterey, California

CWA Second Annual Convention and Education Fair
Second annual convention and education fair

Third Annual Convention Program
Third Annual Convention program

"CWA Executive Addresses Farm Bureau"
Story about Cherry Ishimatsu, CWA President

CWA Membership Report 1989
CWA membership report from 1989 to 1990.

1983 CWA State Officers
1983 CWA State Officers, names and photographs

"Carolyn Leavens: Her Efforts Bear Fruit"
Story about Carolyn Leavens, CWA President.

CWA Historian Betty Wayne
CWA Historian, Betty Wynne working on the State scrapbook.

Deidre Kelsey "New CWA President Has A full Agenda"
CWA President, Deidre Kelsey shares her plan for the organization.
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