Welcome.  This digital history project is created for the purpose of shedding light on the history of the California Women for Agriculture. The California Women for Agriculture (CWA) is a nonprofit, volunteer, and exclusively women’s organization that formed in 1975 to advocate on behalf of California farmers and the agricultural industry, and to educate consumers about the agricultural industry.  

The CWA donated ten large scrapbooks that exhibit the organization's history from 1975 to 2005 to the Women's Museum of California. Additionally, the CWA donated scrapbooks from various chapters in its organization and other memorabilia to the museum. These artifacts are the property of the Women’s Museum of California and are accessible onsite for research and general interest. Additionally, this website serves to extend access to visitors unable to travel to the museum. This website is comprised of a selection of digitized documents from the scrapbooks including, photographs, newspaper clippings, newsletters, as well as interpretive essays and a finding aid for the scrapbooks. 

First time visitors, please view the introductory video posted below, followed by reviewing the "Site Navigation Tips," which can be accessed in last tab in the heading above. Enjoy your visit! 


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