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How To Use This Site

Site Organization

This digital project offers four main sections, each listed at the top and bottom of the website, “Items,” “Collections,” “Exhibits,” and the “Scrapbook Finding Aid.”

These sections can be viewed in any order. However, first time visitors are strongly encouraged to begin their visit by reading the “Introduction,” and viewing the introductory video posted at the bottom of the “Introduction” page.

Also, visitors are encouraged to begin their visit by exploring the “Exhibits” section of the site. The “Exhibits” section is divided into five parts, largely organized to describe the CWA’s history in both chronological and thematic order. Prior to exploring the exhibit sections in any order, read the essays titled, “A Brief History of Women in Agriculture,” and “The Labor Movement: Cesar Chavez and the UFW” in the first exhibit to contextualize the history of the CWA.

Finally, it is suggested to view the “Collections” section of the site, which serves as an archive and extension of the selection of digitized items in the exhibit pages. Additionally, it is recommended to disregard the “Items” section because it features digitized items in no particular order. Rather, refer to the “Collections” section to view digitized items from the CWA scrapbooks.

Images in “Collections”

Some of the “Collections” have umbrella themes, including “Activism” and “Community Events.” These umbrella themes are subdivided to focus on particular examples of activism and community events such as “Proposition 14” and “Ag Day.” Due to some formatting issues, the sections are not aligned with their umbrella collection. 

Notice that each collection will display five digitized items within a collection. However, this is not the entire collection. To view the entire collection click on “View the items in "collection name.”  

To enlarge images, click on the image twice.

In addition to searching for items in the “Collections” and “Exhibits” sections, visitors can search for specific items by using the “Advanced Search” feature placed below the search engine at the top of the site. This allows visitors to search for items by keyword, by the format of the document, and by collection. Also, visitors can browse for items using the tags, which are listed with each item.

Scrapbook Finding Aid

The Finding Aid can be accessed by clicking on the tab titled “Scrapbook Finding Aid.” This section provides a link to an external site (WordPress) which has both a link to a PDF format of the finding aid and photographs of the actual CWA scrapbooks. Additionally, in the right-hand corner in the “Scrapbook Finding Aid” (on the Omeka site) is a “Research Guide.” This guide offers tips for approaching this digital project for research purposes and it offers recommendations for further research.