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Founding Members of CWA.JPG
Founders of CWA (left to right): Beverly Sfingi, Jeri Taylor, Cherry Ishimatsu, and Corky Larson; January 1976; black and white photo

A Date with Agriculture PS.jpg
"When members of the state Department of Food and Agriculture met in Indio recently at the invitation of board member Cherry Ishimatsu, Queen Schgeherazade Rachelle Munoz of Indio was on hand to distribute dates, donated by Sun World, to board…

A Spring Tour of Homes PS.jpg
A flyer inviting the community of view homes.

ABCs of Consumer ConcernsPS.jpg
CWA consumer education workshop.

Adopt A Legislator PhotosPS.jpg
Adopt A Legislator program in the works--Jerry Filando and Dan Rogers in Blythe.

Adopt a Legislator Program PS.jpg
Proposal for California legislators to participate in the CWA's Adopt A Legislator program.

Legislator Lacks Pull With Cow He's MilkingPS.jpg
"Senator Ruben Ayala stood by the cow that helped him defeat Assemblyman Norman Waters in a milking contest."

Trading Shoes-Exchanging ViewsPS.jpg
The CWA's Legislation Committee organized the “Trading Shoes/Exchanging Views” event part of the Ag Day Breakfast program. Participants agreed to share time with a Farm Bureau Family, and in turn, invite their exchange partner to spend a day in their…
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