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National Ag Day PhotO PS.jpg
"Clare Berryhill, Director of Calif. Dept. Food and Agriculture, Kika de la Garza, Chairman of US House Agricultural Committee, and Laurena Johnson, state CWA President, during ag day celebration at Capitol."

National Ag Day Signed Into LawPS.jpg
"Mayor George Hobbs signs a proclamation for National Agriculture Day, March 20, as Candy Everson, Women for Agriculture president, looks on. Agriculture Week in Santa Maria will be March 16 through 22 and a variety of events are planned including a…

Ag ExhibitionPS.jpg
Ag day flyer

Communication is Goal CWAPS.jpg
Ag Day farmer booths

PTDC0Ag After 82PS.jpg
A letter providing information about Ag Day logistics.

Ag Day 1981.jpg
Ag day information card

Ag Day Cow Milking Contest.jpg
CWA officers participate in the Ag Day cow milking contest.

Ag Day Poster Faces.jpg
Ag Day poster
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