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Super Market Saturday Consumer Report.jpg
Supermarket Saturday consumer report from nine CWA chapters.

Food and Fiber Banner Article.jpg
"New program--Elsie Bonfantini (left), state president of California Women for Agriculture, and Olivia Waegner, Imperial County CWA president, show off a banner for the organization's new campaign promoting agriculture. The new campaign is aimed at…

California Gold.jpg
Agriculture is California's Gold, a play on the Gold Rush.

Is Your Food SafePS.jpg
"'Is Your Food Safe' will be the topic of this year's Agriculture Community Issues Symposium which will be held November 12th at the Hacienda Inn in Fresno."

Food Fiber Farmer Friend Logo StickerPS.jpg
"Food and Fiber Farmer Friend" banner created by the CWA.

DSC00010 6PS.jpg
Photos of CWA members celebrating the California Gold campaign.

CA Farm FactsPS.jpg
A list of facts about California agriculture.

CA Ag FactsPS.jpg
California Agriculture facts created for the CWA's "Ag in the Classroom" curriculum.

We're Partners Front Side.JPG
This CWA produced brochure explains to consumers how farmers and consumers have an important partnership.
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