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In 1984, the CWA developed AG Trek, a computer game program designed to teach youth agricultural economics, by learning how to manage a farm, make investments, make decisions about purchases, all with the intent of learning how to make money without…

Food and Fiber Banner Article.jpg
"New program--Elsie Bonfantini (left), state president of California Women for Agriculture, and Olivia Waegner, Imperial County CWA president, show off a banner for the organization's new campaign promoting agriculture. The new campaign is aimed at…

These Teachers Know Importance of FarmingPS.jpg
Newspaper article about local teacher's incorporating agriculture education into school curriculum.

Teachers Turn to CWA for Agricultural ResourcesPS.jpg
Third grade teachers use the "My Farm Book" curriculum in the classroom.

Teachers Put Agriculture Back in SchoolPS.jpg
Teachers participate in an "Ag in the Classroom" seminar.

Educational Seminar 1978PS.jpg
CWA's Central Valley Chapter's Educational Seminar program.

Education Program PS.jpg
Proposal to California public schools to integrate agriculture education into the curriculum.

CWA in the ClassroomPS.jpg
CWA teaches Stanlslaus County third grade teachers agriculture education.

California Students for AgriculturePS.jpg
CWA sponsored and partnered with universities and colleges to nurture campus chapters for California Students for Agriculture.

All About RainfallPS.jpg
Rainfall erosion simulator
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