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1980 Worm Watcher's Index.jpg
The CWA devised a method for assessing California legislator's position on agribusiness-related voting records called the Worm Watchers' Index.

Super Market Saturday Consumer Report.jpg
Supermarket Saturday consumer report from nine CWA chapters.

Food and Fiber Banner Article.jpg
"New program--Elsie Bonfantini (left), state president of California Women for Agriculture, and Olivia Waegner, Imperial County CWA president, show off a banner for the organization's new campaign promoting agriculture. The new campaign is aimed at…

City Meets Country in Special Agriculture Fair.jpg
"Here is how one farm women's group brought farm-fresh enthusiasm and commodity know-how directly to its urban customers!"

California Gold.jpg
Agriculture is California's Gold, a play on the Gold Rush.

Ag Day 1981.jpg
Ag day information card

CWA Membership Brochure.jpg
CWA membership brochure
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