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Food and Fiber Banner Article.jpg
"New program--Elsie Bonfantini (left), state president of California Women for Agriculture, and Olivia Waegner, Imperial County CWA president, show off a banner for the organization's new campaign promoting agriculture. The new campaign is aimed at…

Communication is Goal CWAPS.jpg
Ag Day farmer booths

National Ag Day PhotO PS.jpg
"Clare Berryhill, Director of Calif. Dept. Food and Agriculture, Kika de la Garza, Chairman of US House Agricultural Committee, and Laurena Johnson, state CWA President, during ag day celebration at Capitol."

Ag Day PhotoPS.jpg
Ag Day Cow Milking Contest

Ag Day Newspaper Article 1982PS.jpg
Ag Day report.

Broccoli Bash.jpg
Santa Moncia Chapter members share broccoli recipes encourage consumers to eat broccoli for health reasons as part of Cancer Awareness Month.

Farmer's Fair US Dept InteriorPS.jpg
Congratulatory letter to the CWA president from the State Department of the Interior regarding the CWA's first annual Farmer's Fair.

National Ag Day Joint ResolutionPS.jpg
US congressional joint resolution proclaiming March 19, 1981 as National Agriculture Day.
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