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Section 1 Annual Business Meeting and Reports .jpg
Left to Right: 1979 Executive Board. Mary Mann, Parliamentarian; Betty Roberts, 2nd Vice President; Evelyn Cooper, Secretary; Joan Adams, President; Trenna Grabowski, Treasurer; Corky Larson, 1st Vice President; Mildred Kelly, 3rd Vice President and…

Deidre KelseyPS.jpg
CWA President, Deidre Kelsey shares her plan for the organization.

CWA Historian Betty WynnePS.jpg
CWA Historian, Betty Wynne working on the State scrapbook.

Carolyn Leavens PS.jpg
Story about Carolyn Leavens, CWA President.

1983 CWA State OfficersPS.jpg
1983 CWA State Officers, names and photographs
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