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Willie & Cesar's 10 Most WantedPS.jpg
A plea from Assemblyman Robert W. Naylor to CWA President Lynn Skinner to fininacially support his campaign against Speaker Willie Brown on the basis of common interest in agriculture and opposition to Cesar Chavez.


Richard Chavez, Larson, Coachella Strike 1970s.jpg
"Richard Chavez smiles and points to the union label on a crate of grapes after the contract signing with Larson." Bob Fitch Photo Archive © Stanford University Libraries. NOTE:…

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Special Announcement Prop 14PS.jpg
An announcement about a rally hosted in Los Angeles and San Francisco by the Citizens for a Fair Farm Labor Law.

Coachella Strike 1970s.jpg
Picketer with a "Viva la Huelga!" sign during the Coachella Strike.

Egg Protest 2.jpg
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

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Egg Protest 3.jpg
N.E.L.A. Chapter protesting in Egg City.

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No On Prop 14 with Pres Reagan.jpg
Bumper sticker to support opposition to Proposition 14 and a photograph of CWA president, Cherry Ishimatsu, California legislators, and Governor Ronald Reagan. Governor Reagan is holding the "No on 14" bumper sticker.

Argument Against Proposition 14PS.jpg
The CWA provides reasons for voters to oppose Proposition 14.

Five Reasons Why Prop 14 Should be DefeatedPS.jpg
CWA highlights sections of the labor initiative and provide reasons for disagreement with the proposition.
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